Mineola, Texas Depot Museum
HO Scale Display Layout


A depot in a depot!

We are working with the Mineola Landmark Commission to create an HO scale display layout that represents Mineola as it might have appeared in the 1930s. We've used historical and aerial photographs, fire insurance maps, and first-hand recollections of residents to paint an accurate picture of the community in a particular slice of time.


The Cotton Belt Project

Extreme Realism!

A client has contracted us to build HO scale replicas of all SSW/Cotton Belt depots on the line between Mount Pleasant and Tyler, TX. We are creating these from precise dimensional drawings provided by the client, and are sparing no effort to ensure that the models are accurate and finished to the highest degree of realism.


The Marshall Shops

Massive Brickworks!

Red River Models began many years ago under the name "The Marshall Shops", and we are proud to be working with the Marshall Depot Museum to recreate in HO scale some of the extensive Texas and Pacific facilities that once existed here and and gave life to the community. The original drawings and photos were destroyed long ago, so we consulted with members of the board using existing photos to recreate the facilities.



1918-2018 Centennial Edition
San Bernardino ATSF Depot

Available SOON in N and HO Scale
Check Back For More Info


Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Depot
San Bernardino, California

(N & HO Scale Pre-Production Models Shown)



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